Plumbing Tools and Accessories 


Soldering Accessories

Yellow Label:

Self-cleaning water-soluble flux for soldering capillary joints on copper pipework. A cream colour medium active flux. Self cleaning for normal work- heavily oxidized surfaces should be cleaned before applying flux.

Red Label:

Traditional general purpose grease based yellow / brown colour soldering flux for use with copper, brass, mild steel / other metals.

Not for use on Aluminum or Stainless Steel

Both are available in 15 kg buckets or 350 gm jars.

Solder Wire for Copper Capillary Joints

Lead Free Solder Wire:

Lead Free Solder Wire is used for joining copper capillary joints for tube. It is an alloy of 2% copper and 98% tin. This is a high quality solder, which can be used in all type of potable and non-potable water, steam, gas applications.

Leaded Solder Wire:

Leaded solder wire is a combination of lead and tin alloy. 35% Tin and 65% Lead, used for joining copper capillary joints for tubes carrying non-potable water, gas etc.  Not recommended for Potable water use.

Copper Alloy Brazing Rods

High Phosphorous copper and silver alloy brazing rods.

Solder Mat

Solder Mat is a flame protection fabric made from high silica yarn and is free of asbestos. It has a special coating to dissipate heat and increase the life of the mat. It is an ideal shield in low temperature soldering (such as plumbing, electrical & electronic applications). It is available in Professional and DIY grades. It can be used for applications up to 700 deg C, It also helps conserve heat and Conforms to BS 476 pt 4 & 7

Copper Cleaning Pad

Polyamide fiber coated with very fine grade abrasive ideal for cleaning oxidized copper tube and fitting surfaces. The uniqueness of this microfine cleaning process is that the surface oxidants are removed without scratching the surface as in case of wire wool. This finely cleaned surface allows for better quality capillary flow in soldering of the two surfaces.

Tube benders

Copper tube bender to suit 15 and 22 mm O.D. tube

The ideal handtool for site or workshop use. Compact in design, it offers flexibility with simplicity of operation. For use with 15/22 mm copper tube to BS 2871.1 Table X (half hard) and Y (soft) or stainless steel tube 15 mm (half hard) to BS 4127/2

Metal Tube Cutters

Screw type Metal tube cutters for cutting copper, brass, and aluminum thin wall tubes. Tube O.D from 6mm to 54mm.

Plastic Tube cutters

Ratchet type shear tube cutters for plastics tubes such as PP-R, PE and PEX. For O.D. Sizes from 10 to 42mm

Drain Cleaning Set

Polypropylene rod drain cleaning sets with brass connectors and various types of end tools.