Exclusive GCC distributors for - Allpex Ltd. - Outokumpu BCZ copper tubes, Beamson valves, Ecomat Engineers Ltd., Fittings R Us, Brasstec Fze and Flowline Fze.

Specialist suppliers of Copper tubes, Copper tube fittings, Brass valves & accessories for Plumbing, Heating, Gas, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration.

Probably the largest stockists and distributors of these products in the Middle East; Offering immediate deliveries from stocks of more than 6 million tube fittings, valves and over 200 tons of copper tubes.

Metric Copper tubes for plumbing & Natural gas application made to BS EN 1057 (BS 2871part 1), Tube fittings made to BS EN 1254 Parts 1to5 (BS 864.2) for plumbing, heating, and natural gas. Bronze and Bi Metallic flanges to BS EN 4504 parts 2 and 3.3. Medical gas copper tubes BS EN 1057 and fittings to BS EN 1254.1 and cleaned to the requirements of BS EN 13348.

Brass Gate & Check valves to BS EN 5154, Stopcocks to BS 1010, Float valves to BS 1212, Ball and service valves, Gas valves to EN 331,

Air-conditioning and refrigeration copper tubes to EN 12735-1, ASTM B 280, Wrot copper solder joint pressure fittings for air-conditioning and refrigeration to ASTM-ANSI B16.22, B16.18 & B32.

Special tube connectors for coupling all types of plastic tubes to copper and stainless steel. Flexible copper and stainless steel tubes. Plumbers tools, accessories such as brass pipe clips and brackets, washers, cleaning pads, heat pads, solders, fluxes, brazing metal etc